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Know-how on board

The CAD/CAM for advanced material machining

The ideal CAD/CAM for plastic, aluminium and advanced materials working industry


Design (CAD)

With XCAM it is possible to design free geometrical entities and to design from predefined parametric models (libraries). XCAM imports 2D and 3D standard formats: DXF, IGES, STL , STEP, RHINO (3DM), sketchup, OBJ (alias wavefront), SVG and allows surface definition by laser scanning (point file).


Machining (CAM)

With XCAM raw pieces can be defined according to Customer's needs and 3, 4, 5 axis machining can be associated: roughing and surface finishing cycle, drilling, finishing, profiling, empting cycles. XCAM allows machinings and drilling paths optimization.


Disposition (DISP)

Thanks to the customized table XCAM allows to arrange, on the machine table, one or more pieces and relatives sub-pieces (modules, vacuum-pods, vices, references, etc.) with 3D view and allows to control every possible interference between subpieces and machinigs.


Simulation and NC-Code generation

XCAM allows 3D simulation of the machining process, idling included. It shows the 3D model of the machining centre and allows 3D collision detection between machinings and pieces, subpieces and tools. XCAM calculates automatically machining time, length and costs, generates part programs and send them directly to the NC centre of the Customer.

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